in this urgent sleepless city

In this urgent sleepless city
Restless, we are caught in motion
Nearly stillness
Almost lovers

In 2009 Luke worked as dramaturg, designer and writer with choreographer Marc Brew to create the outdoor work Nocturne. With original music from composer Gary Lloyd featuring cello performed by Luke Moore and prose (written by Luke) spoken by Ian Banks author of the Wasp Factory.

Marc Brew company pull back the sheets on exhausted embraces and near misses in the night. Inspired by JM Whilstler’s Nocturne, an exquisite contemporary dance quartet draw you into the unseen dreams of cities at dusk.

Nocturne was commissioned for Liberty Festival in Trafalgar Square 2008 as a short outdoor duet. In 2009, it was developed with thanks to commissions from Greenwich and Docklands International Festival and the Without Walls Street Arts Consortium.

Four dancers perform this dynamic work with two specially built double beds. The day to day of couples and domesticity, unfolds into an evening of restless dreams. 

Creative Team:

Marc Brew – Choreographer and dancer
Luke Pell – Design/Dramaturg and Text
Gary Lloyd – Composer
Luke Moore – Cello
Iain Banks – Spoken word
Factory Settings – Construction and realisation of beds
Roswitha Chesher – Photography and video


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