emotional bodies and cities

Dublin, May 2012

You, protector
You threat
Strength and certainty
You solace, you my constant
You my quiet playful friend
You my aspirations, you co-­‐conspirator Walker, talker, lover lightness

This is you soaring 2, 5, 10 back around the edges of this vast black decay

Your bright dandelion breath

Wisdomed planting

so that they might take seed, without taking offence

Your jutting hip
Your glistening blues blinking bewilderment

You packed me off out there unarmed
Unprepared, unpleasant, untold, uncomfortable
You sent me back around again laden down
So you made me pay

You confused me, you passed pink ticket
So I got on and rode
Upfront behind you before you
Before you who wont let me eyes go
Who will hold me in the fall
Who will bring me joy and teach humility
You who conjures baffled wonder
Who looks with tangent, yet familiar
Before yoooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Behind the smooth space of your sounds

My heavy breath – heavy heart hidden
My surface my above bright carved space
My below
Hope of green amongst the grey

I weep I want to weep which only
Comes from laughter caving into crying
You between two posts suspended
You slow -­‐-­‐-­‐ you laid out

This is you heading out green striding, orange underneath

And you in trench coat spying
You hurtled through brown glass ribbon
Great weight falling in and spreading
Out beneath the city, unsettling headstone lines
Little blond boy laughing well and proper
Playing as he she should
Thrown up the other way

 A year with 8 from other places by a pool a strip of white

The letters she received each winter
Of camper vans and bicycle rides
A life whose days she thinks are fuller

Not noticing the silver spark
Ruby glitter she sends out all about her

You talk of touching getting hotter
You talk of playing irrepressible desire
I think of 12 weeks empty and 12 months sparse

I think years uncounted and without
Come with me on our walking
Come through this in its passing
Will come with me - if only asking
Still come in to me if - only passing

Paper digits unfolded up pressing tissue cradling boards
Behind curtains baking
Song and fox and pigeon and sore

 You pissing in the park
Reaching for the carrier
Your blood and feathers crossed by cycles Pink and lace
You a little
Stopped by my side
Our many dances
Our tiny square gauged out

 sat on step as rain breaking bleeds dry streets
you are so hot
this isnt regal

celebration or romantic

 Beneath bridge dripping Cold swim drowned
On fat green feeding
5, 10, and 20 ashed
swollen ankle sodden slipper offering lined, cradled, staled yellow



Fading out
Trying to come back
With patience
I would have come with words

70 departed
60 arrived

to help me to sleep
to stop me asking
that bird will leave its slate once the wet

meets its shins gull sobbed out, to sea head window close -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐ stay

this grey white, arson black
these trees fuller fatter blugening air with green

marked red
of straw buried china
of message box ten weather lives battered stripped by rain
burnt by sun

of basin falling tooth
of gull pierced fish
of silver skinned
of silver


The quay beyond my window

held, deep, blueblack, blazed up red,

my heart flight head.

From 2012-2013 Luke participated in the cross border collaborative residency project E-motional Bodies and Cities exploring the human body, urban and geo-political contexts and new technologies. The residencies took place in Dublin - Ireland, Limmasol - Cyprus and Bucharest, Romania. Luke developed site responsive research, performance, provocation and mapping practices with fellow dance artists Madalina Dan, Arianna Marcoulides, Fearghus O’Conchuir and Olga Zitluhina.

E-MOTIONAL Bodies & Cities was created and produced by Gabriela Tudor Foundation in Bucharest in collaboration with key partners Dublin Dance Festival and Dance Ireland (IE), The Association of Professional Dance Choreographers of Latvia (LV), Dance House Lemesos (CY), and body>data>space (UK), as coorganisers.

E-MOTIONAL was a project by Cosmin Manolescu and Stefania Ferchedau.

below the waterline

i am at a marked plot