the talking place

As part of Fevered Sleep’s Men & Girls Dance Luke created and hosts The Talking Place.

The Talking Place appears wherever Men & Girls Dance happens. It’s a place where you can wonder, where you can be listened to, where thoughts and words and images - that come from people who live in this place, at this time - gather and collect. You can pop in for tea and cake and conversation with Fevered Sleep, pick up the Men & Girls Dance newspaper, or ask a question about the project. 

To read Luke’s writing and reflections on The Talking Place click here.

Men & Girls Dance by Fevered Sleep brings together two very different groups of performers: adult, male professional contemporary dancers, and girls who dance for fun.

At times playful, at times thought-provoking, Men & Girls Dance celebrates the rights of adults and children to be together, to play together and to dance together. It’s a joyful celebration of tenderness, empathy, and love.

After a successful tour in 2016, and two weeks of performances at The Place in London in spring 2017, Men & Girls Dance took place at Tate Britain in summer 2017, presented by Tate London’s Early Years and Families Learning Programme. In this brand new version, the dancers met in a series of playful encounters reimagined for the unique setting of the Walk Through British Art Galleries.

The project next takes place at Skånes Dansteater in Malmö, Sweden in November 2018 as part of their Dance & People festival, where Luke will again host The Talking Place and present at the close of a day long conference.

Fevered Sleep makes performances, installations, films, books and digital art, for adults and for children.

Fearless about experimentation and passionate about research, they develop brave, thought-provoking projects that challenge people to rethink their relationships with each other and with the world.

Fevered Sleep thrive on risk – in the themes they choose to explore and the forms they choose to work in – and balance this by working to meticulously high standards with a dynamic team and with a wide range of collaborators: from world-class artists, expert thinkers and researchers, to members of the public, schoolchildren and our audiences.

Their projects appear in very diverse places, across the UK and beyond, from theatres, galleries and cinemas, to parks, beaches and schools, and in the spaces of everyday life: in people’s homes, on phones, online.  Whatever we make and wherever it’s experienced, we’re driven by an ambition to present outstanding and transformative art.

Luke has created, curated and hosted An Open Field and The Talking Place for Fevered Sleep as Associate Artist since 2013.

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