marsh and metal and change

Advocate. For. For alterity. For outliers. For the other side of both sides now. Somewhere in between. Betwixt between. Act. Activate. For. Alterity. For outliers. For other sides of both sides. Now. We come. Begin. Begin. Again. Begin. Here. There. I’ve begun. I began. I’d just begun. There. But, - And – You, were there. Are There. But, – And - Now, I’m here. But, – And. Did you begin? Here. From the same place. Were you. There. Here. Are we, we, an - us. You and me, I, a one. One… hhmmm? What about, They. Theirs. Ours. What about ours. What about all of us. First, from different firsts. Us. Erggggg. And them. Ergggg Us.Usness.Youness.Weness.Meness.Themness.Theirness.Thereness.Thisness.Thismess.Ourmess. Were we, alongside, us underneath, you above, them below, theirs ahead. A head. A heart. A, a, a, and, and, and…and it darkly brightly seems (still /- again) that these terms are no longer sufficient for our purposes

From 2017-2018 Luke was peer mentor and guest artist for long term collaborator and friend Kate Marsh and Metal’s Change Makers programme.

Disabled dance artist Kate Marsh worked with Metal as an ‘agent for change’ and future leader, leading a programme that explored new approaches to talent development, leadership and collaboration for disabled dance artists via a series of LABs, residencies, and new commissions. The works were presented at industry showcases, Metal events in Liverpool, Peterborough and Southend, and a new national symposium that coincided with Unlimited 2018 at the Southbank Centre. Kate undertook an extensive professional development programme including a month long residency in Australia and inputted into organisation wide change within Metal.

About Kate Marsh

Kate Marsh is a disabled dance artist with over 20 years’ experience of performing, teaching and making. Her interests are centred around perceptions of the body in the arts and notions of corporeal aesthetics. Specifically, she is interested in each of our lived experiences of our bodies, and how this does (or doesn’t) inform our artistic practice. Her recently completed PhD focusses on leadership in the context of dance and disability and draws strongly on the voices of artists to interrogate questions around notions of leadership, perceptions and the body.

About Change Makers 

Increasing the diversity of senior leadership in art and culture by helping to develop a cohort of leaders who are Black, minority ethnic and/or disabled by means of a targeted senior leadership training and development programme.

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