for archipelagic thinking

For Archipelagic Thinking (below) is an invited response to long time friend and collaborator Ruairí Ó'Donnabháin’s Archipelagic Thinking, a performance, social sculpture and research sharing that took place on Cape Clear Island in May 2018.

“Talamh an Éisc, An Íoslainn, Oileáin Fharó, Inse Ghall agus Oileán Chléire. Newfoundland, Iceland, The Faroe Islands, The Hebrides and Cape Clear.

Archipelagic Thinking examines shared cultural identity across The North Atlantic Arc. Ag gluaiseacht le capaill agus míolta móra. Aesthetic practices of care; Migratory dances in the living old style. How does a body dance socio-economic issues, confront the devastation of marginalised communities and languages or dance with questions of indigenity? 

In Archipelagic Thinking Ruairí Ó'Donnabháin examines his interest in migratory patterns on Oileán Chléire, a Gaeltacht island off Co. Cork, Ireland; of both humans and animals, as well as flows of value and resource distribution; cod, whales, oil and water.

Ruairí Ó'Donnabháin works in and through both Gaeilge and English examining the affect of both languages on the moving body.”

in this summer of associations

a wondering in three parts