Walk with me

Walk with Me - Luke Pell

Walk with Me - is an instruction, hand pressed and held, a stack of paper (work) – directions – for wandering. An object, an artwork/walk with words, some small choreography made for you. 

Created in 2014 for  I’m With You – International Queer Business in Berlin Dress codes, timesheets, deadlines, cigarette breaks, the administration of desire + queering value and exchange, office politics + office sex, getting ahead while getting behind or maybe I would prefer not to.

International Queer Business went to Berlin on 23 May from 7pm at the Room of Requirement, an art space in a temporarily unused office building in Kreuzberg and featured durational performance, video and installation with from Alex Eisenberg, Andrew Kerton, Christa Holka, R. Justin Hunt, Johanna Linsley, Liz Rosenfeld, Luke Pell, Olga Raciborska, Owen Glyndwr Parry, Sadie Weis, Season Butler, Sophie Robinson and Richard Hancock.

The Room of Requirement was organised by Hannes Ribarits/funded by BMBF Austria.